Day Without (Illegal) Immigrants Would Save America $351 Million: So Much For #DayWithoutImmigrants

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Be sure you check out the full report on illegal immigration here.

What Would A #DayWithoutImmigrants Look Like?

Left wing activist groups, with help from the mainstream media, have christened Thursday, February 16 as the so-called #DayWithoutImmigrants.

They are trying to persuade (coerce) both legal and illegal immigrants into skipping work, in order to show President Donald Trump, and his “racist” supporters, that America couldn’t function without them.


They disagree with Trump’s immigration policy, particularly the so-called “Muslim ban” (which doesn’t target Muslims, and isn’t a permanent ban)—a policy which the majority of Americans support, by the way.

Here are a few examples of what #ADayWithoutImmigrants looks like on Twitter:

If they want to skip work, good for them; I don’t care.

But they do bring up an interesting question: what would a day without immigrants, specifically illegal immigrants, really look like?

How Many Illegal Immigrants Live In The US?

First thing’s first, how many illegal aliens live in America?

In all honesty, no one really knows.

They’re undocumented.  That’s the whole point.

Estimates are wide-ranging.

On the low end, Pew Research estimates that there are roughly 11.1 million illegal immigrants currently living in the US—a number which tracks fairly closely with official government figures.

On the high end, we’re looking at roughly 30 million people.  This number’s been articulated by conservative author Ann Coulter in her book Adios America.  She based the figure off banking and remittance payment records, demand for government services, and migration detentions and projections from ICE.

Frankly, I find Coulter’s number more compelling—if you’ve been to LA recently, you’ll probably agree.

But for the purposes of this article, I’ll use the lower number.

A Day Without Immigrants Would Save America $351 Million

According to a 2013 report from the Federation For American Immigration Reform (FAIR), illegal immigration cost the US $113 billion in terms of services (healthcare, policing, education); $29 billion at the federal level and $84 billion at the state and local level.


This is from 2013, so of course the number’s probably higher now.

Either way, it’s large, especially when you consider that illegal immigrants only contribute $11.6 billion in taxes (many don’t pay tax, as it turns out.

On top of that, illegal immigrants also send enormous amounts of money from America to their homelands in the form of remittances—they work in the US, send the money home.  Money evaporates from the economy.

A Pew Research report from 2015 calculates that $133.6 billion was left America in the form of remittances.

Do we know how much was sent away by illegal aliens?  No.

However, if we assume that this money was sent by people who were born in foreign countries, this gives as a pool of 40 million foreign born US citizens and 11.1 million illegal immigrants.

Let’s assume, for simplicity, that they’re equally likely to send remittances.

This means that illegal immigrants send roughly $26.72 billion out of America per year.

All totaled, illegal immigration costs the US $128.12 a year.

Therefore, a single day without immigrants would save the US $351 million.

Sounds like a good deal to me, especially since 23 million American citizens are currently unemployed.

Just be glad you’re not in Sweden.


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  1. This article is biased since it is not considering the whole situation that is going on. According to this, if immigrants were to leave the country there would be more jobs left. However, it is not considering the fact that american citizens do not accept jobs or do not conform with the kind of payments that immigrants usually received. For an immigrant, 12 dollars per hour is a great deal for him and for his family to survive. While for an nonimmigrant that would be considered as an abuse of their rights and labor without considering the harsh conditions of the job and the long-term hours that an immigrant usually work.
    I would like to see an article that expresses all of the variety and all of the truth about how immigrants really affect the economy of the country. I’m sure it would really increase the quality of the article.

    • The Bureau of Labor stats would refute your claim. You are claiming the illegal immigrants are willing to do the work white people won’t do. Then detail what those jobs are? Give actual stats. The labor stats show that under every single category of “labor” whites workers are represented in proportional numbers relative to the demographics of the entire country. What the illegal laborers have done is to depress the wages.

    • I hear this all the time, and it’s wrong.

      Look at Japan: no immigration, legal or illegal. They can still afford their McDonald’s.


      They invest in better technology, better training, and better processes to make their economy more efficient. America is simply stunting its long term economic growth by importing a serf class.

      This is why Ancient Rome and Greece never advanced: cheap labor destroys the need for technological growth.

      • Our economy profits from skilled service and is supported by unskilled labor. We need unskilled labor to pick food, make food, lift heavy objects, assemble things basic instructions, and clean up after us at low costs so Americans can sell it to us at a reasonable profit. Many of those immigrants under the radar are doing the jobs that are low wages and difficult or impossible to outsource. They sweat the work so you get the everyday low price.

        Japan’s policy is only to protect against unskilled labor. They welcome skilled migrants with degrees. See Nationality Law of 1899. Also you might want to check on how well Japan is doing with its aging workforce. It has a low birthrate combined with 60 percent of its population over 65. Basically the plan is to work until you can’t move or literally die.

        “This is why Ancient Rome and Greece never advanced: cheap labor destroys the need for technological growth.” Wow… Pythagoras, Archimedes, Socrates, Euclid, Plato, Aristotle, and Alexander the great ring a bell? We study those societies repeatedly between grade school and university because they advanced.

        • 1) America has its own low-skilled citizenry to do those jobs, we don’t need to import illegal immigrants to do them. In fact, there are 23 million unemployed citizens, most of whom have little to no education—they lost their jobs due to offshoring & illegals.

          Deport illegals & stop artificially depressing the labor market to get them back to work. Short term pain, long term gain.

          2) Japan is doing fine: their GDP per capita has actually increased more than America’s, & they have had very little immigration relatively speaking (and no illegal immigration of unskilled migrants). Rather than importing millions of unskilled migrants from foreign (and sometimes hostile cultures), they build machines & improved their productivity. See this article.

          3) The ancient economy never advanced from the zero-sum paradigm to the geometric growth paradigm because there was plentiful & cheap labor: there is no incentive to invest in capital when labor is literally free. The same thing happened in the American South: why industrialize when you can just breed more slaves?

          However, Europe embraced mechanization following the Black Death, and it was in Flanders, Venice, the Netherlands & Britain (places with very expensive, and scarce labor) that developed machinery & invested in technology to improve their productivity—not big countries with cheap labor, like France or Spain.

          Not a coincidence.

  2. “While for an nonimmigrant that would be considered as an abuse of their rights and labor without considering the harsh conditions of the job and the long-term hours that an immigrant usually work.” What an argument! So you think it’s ok to abuse illegal immigrants just so that Americans can enjoy cheap labor? Just because this is the status quo, you think it’s the way things should be?

    To me, a better solution is to let the employer raise the salary, make the job safe, and hire a non-illegal immigrant or a US citizen.

    • I agree: illegal immigrants basically give employers a free hand to make working conditions crappy.

      Saying American’s don’t want to work in those conditions is a false argument, since the conditions are bad because of illegal immigration in the first place.

      • Outrageously biased article. A balanced approach to the topic would increase credibility. Here are some of my initial, ‘top of the head’ comments. Since images can communicate a tremendous amount of information, the image you chose to represent undocumented immigrants would be more appropriate for an article about the latest techniques in body art or a feature article on the top 5 places for tattoos. Most undocumented immigrants in the United States are like you and me. Aside from possibly having darker skin pigmentation, refugees or undocumented immigrants consist of mothers, fathers, and children who have left their homes fearful for their safety or in search of a better opportunity to provide for their children and to provide for their elderly parents who remained where they previously called home. Recall US history that shows we are nation born of immigrants and like the Puritans, undocumented immigrants have earned a reputation for having a strong work ethic; indeed, the strong work ethic begins a very young age as immigrant children are taught the value of public education and often do well in school. All this is not covered in your report.
        The focus of the article appears to be on economics, specifically how cash remittances out of the USA translate into a cost or an expenditure for the USA. I’m certain that we can agree that undocumented immigrants usually come to the USA with minimal (if any) cash and arrive here in search of employment. Although Mr. Trump may have paid $0.00 in federal taxes for 20 years, undocumented immigrants pay $11.6Billion per year. They also pay social security taxes that help fund current benefits paid to elderly US citizens. Undocumented immigrants know that they cannot receive any benefits from the taxes they pay to Social Security. Since they arrived with little to no cash, the cash that they do earn is after tax cash (given that they pay $11.6Billion per year). Just as I cannot dictate to you how to spend your after-tax income, the same applies for all other humans on the planet. Thus, how others spend their cash is their prerogative as law abiding tax paying humans. In addition, sending money is often accomplished by using American companies such as Western Union or PayPal. This is an important revenue stream for American companies that supports the jobs of many US citizens that work as these companies. Finally, in all my research, nowhere have I come across an economic theory that theorizes that a person’s after tax paycheck is a cost or expenditure to the country in which that person resides.

        • Come on. Sure most illegal aliens aren’t bad people and I don’t think anyone disagrees, but lots of them are. Half of all gang members are illegals (drug cartels). They’re the biggest problem, and in an article about the cost of illegal immigrants (a big chunk of which is crime) I think it’s fair to point it out in the picture. You’re just triggered.

          And since when do illegals have a reputation for a strong work ethic? The reputation for Mexicans is “lazy”, not sure what you’re talking about. And no, that’s probably not a fair stereotype, but it’s the stereotype.

          Don’t spout off liberal talking points about how we’re a nation of immigrants. We’re not. We’re a settler state. Colonists weren’t immigrants. They built the country where there was nothing before. Learn your history.

          Also, remittances are pretty much theft.

  3. I want to know if any of these logical refutations have convinced Marion to take another look at what she said, or if she still thinks she us right and will keep repeating those same old arguments ?

    • Doubt it. Some people (usually leftists and hardcore libertarians) never learn.

      Mind you I don’t think all immigration is automatically a bad thing, it’s mostly just illegal immigrants and non-Westerners that refuse to assimilate. I don’t think anyone complains when someone moves from Germany to Australia, or Canada to the US. Heck, does anyone even complain about legal immigrants from Argentina or Japan? Not that I’ve ever heard.

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