Californian Bill Will Stop Police From Helping ICE Find Illegal Aliens—Even Dangerous Offenders

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New Californian Bill Would Prevent Local Authorities From Aiding ICE With Deportations

California doesn’t get it.

Illegal immigration is killing their state’s coffers. In fact, illegal immigration costs California $30.3 billion a year.  This is almost 20% of their entire state budget.

And they’re not doing so great economically speaking either—they need every penny they can get.

So what are California’s politicians doing about it?  They are giving illegal immigrants more rights and stopping ICE officers from doing their jobs.

You heard that right.

A new bill proposed by California’s Senate President Pro Tempore, Kevin de Leon, will prohibit local law enforcment agencies from helping federal authorities (ICE) locate illegal immigrants after they have committed a crime.

From the text of the Senate Bill 54 itself:

Existing law provides that when there is reason to believe that a person arrested for a violation of specified controlled substance provisions may not be a citizen of the United States, the arresting agency shall notify the appropriate agency of the United States having charge of deportation matters. This bill would repeal those provisions.

Instead of helping ICE officers do their job and deport illegal immigrants (for the overwhelming good of the country), California’s politicians are making sure that law enforcement can’t cooperate with ICE regarding the whereabouts of illegal immigrants—even if they are literally in jail for committing a crime (an additional crime, as they are in fact illegal immigrants).

Listen, illegal immigrants aren’t all bad.  No one is saying that.  But to delude ourselves into thinking that we can, or should, sustain an illegal population millions strong is a betrayal of our own law, our values, and our nation.

Asinine laws like this are the reason why so many Californians are emigrating to places like Texas, that have the guts to command their own sanctuary cities to enforce federal immigration laws or risk criminal prosecution.

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I’m convinced that it’s the votes of illegals that have turned California from red to blue recently.

And the left is well aware of that and so if the illegals go then there goes their power.

Therefore they’ll do anything they can to prevent deportations.


They definitely did. There are millions of them, all vote. You don’t have to show ID, and even if you did, it’s super easy in Cali to get something. They actually encourage illegals to get drivers licenses. It’s nonsensical.

Also, with the massive exodus of republicans from the state, it’s only getting worse. Why live somewhere that’s completely screwed because of a massive illegal class of people?

Emilian Constantin

Drugs and Mexicans that’s all California is about
To late to do anything about it.It is truly sad that we reached such a downgrade in our nation.