Report: 85% Of Americans Say Free Speech Is More Important Than Political Correctness

like the founding fathers, the majority of Americans would die to defend the right to free speech, according to a new poll

Poll Shows 85% of Americans Value Free Speech more than Political Correctness, and 73% are Willing to Die for their Rights

According to new research from Rasmussen Reports the vast majority of Americans still believe in free speech, and are willing to die to defend it—despite what you hear from major media outlets like CNN, American’s aren’t in favor of adopting “hate speech” punishments of the sort common in Canada or Europe.

The polling was conducted by telephone and online, and found that 85% of American adults think the right to free speech is more important than protecting people from hateful remarks.

In fact, only 8% of those surveyed thought that ensuring people aren’t offended was more important that unadulterated free speech—the number of “progressives” is far lower than the media leads us to believe.

When it comes to fighting for the right for free speech, some 73% of Americans agreed with Voltaire’s famous maxim: “I disapprove of what you say but I will defend to the death your right to say it.”

Perhaps most importantly, most Americans ranked free speech as the most important Constitutional right—free speech is seen as foundational, and more important than the other predicate rights, like the right to bear arms.

While these poll numbers are promising, the report also illuminates more troubling trends.

For example, just 28% of Americans believe they still have free speech today—most think the Constitutional protections are often skirted in favor of political correctness.

Sadly, they may be right.  The fact that people are losing their jobs over expressing conservative opinion—even at big, powerful companies like Google—is dangerous.

Also see: majority of Americans are against removing Confederate monuments, think doing so will hurt race relations.

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The elite-owned mainstream media and other indoctrination sources are not being as successful as they hope. Tyranny has made inroads with controlling the masses but efforts by common folks to fight back continue unabated.


I hear this all the time, “free speech is under threat” in the US. I know of no country where you are less likely to hear outrageous and often offensive ideas at high volume in a public place. Some of the loudest and vituperative voices being by those who say that their right to free speech is threatened. Now if I were to be asked about the right to intelligent conversation being threatened in the US, then that’s a different kettle of fish …..

Spencer P Morrison

We will fight them every step of the way, but it’s an uphill battle.


People are NOT losing their jobs for “expressing conservative opinion;” they *are* losing their jobs for hate speech (which is NOT protected), threatening people for no better reason than their religion or skin color, and for being all around assholes in a “right to work” state where the employer can fire anyone at any time for any (or no) reason whatsoever.

These “right to work” states exist BECAUSE OF “conservative opinion;” they are conservative laws enacted by conservatives. So complaining about their effects on conservatives is just a tiny bit snowflakey, don’t you agree?

Spencer P Morrison

Hi Bob. Contrary to what you believe, “hate speech” is not a legally recognized category in American law. It, quite literally, doesn’t exist.

“Hate speech” as defined by Canadian or UK courts is indeed protected by the US Constitution. You have the right to say anything up to the point where you’re advocating violence against a particular person or specific group, which has the reasonable expectation of danger.

Of course, there are civil claims you can make, like defamation, but that’s not what we’re talking about here.